Executives In Action Names H4H a 2015 Service Grant Award Recipient

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Hearts for Home is pleased to announce it has received one of six 2015 Executives In Action (EIA) service grants announced in June. EIA partners North Texas nonprofit grant recipients with seasoned executives in the midst of shifting careers with specialized skill sets, that the nonprofit would otherwise not be able to afford. The goal of the grant partnerships is that a transformational impact will be made on the organization, the members it serves, the executive volunteers and the community as a whole to help address business management.

With the help of EIA, Hearts for Homes looks to improve business management practices and find efficiencies in processes, fill operational holes, increasing service efficiency; improve volunteer management to better inform, engage and maintain volunteers who are the backbone of organization and who provide the labor to fulfill client needs. The effect will be to build capacity, improve performance, institute metrics that will help us in finding funding, and create a strategic plan to capitalize on the momentum and spirit of the organization now for sustainability and success in the future.

“We are excited to work with Hearts for Homes in the coming year,” Andrea White, EIA’s director of grants and programs said. “All of the nonprofits selected have a tremendous impact on the North Texas area due to both the unique needs they satisfy in the community and their collaboration with other local nonprofits. We are looking forward to seeing how Hearts for Homes and our EIA executive partners work together to achieve the service grant’s goals. We know this will only strengthen Hearts for Homes’s already deep impact in our area.” ​

About Executives In Action (EIA):

Executives In Action (EIA) is a registered 501(c)(3) focused on supporting North Texas-area charitable organizations. EIA provides high-level service grants to nonprofit organizations with the purpose of enhancing their efficiency, management and impact. Senior executive consultants in transition, who use their years of business experience to complete the projects, fulfill grants. To learn more, visit executivesinaction.org.

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