Our Awesome Helpers

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Our Awesome Helpers

Volunteers and Donors give 100% commitment and 100% effort

For those new to Hearts for Homes, we are completely driven by volunteers.  Although I am somewhat biased, it should be said that our volunteers give out 100% effort every time they help us.  Most are the salt of the earth and are passionate about helping our organization and seniors in the Denton, Texas community.  As of today, our volunteers have put in between 2,400 and 3,000 hours and 50 days of service.  Amazing numbers considering that this is only May!

Our donors and sponsor, often volunteers, too, are not different.  When we were suddenly forced to relocate, it was the donors and volunteers who have helped us raise $13,500 to date.  We were not expecting to pay rent this year and this additional money given will mightily ease the burden.

As an AmeriCorps VISTA newly assigned to this organization, it is awe inspiring to see the commitment and effort of Hearts for Homes supporters.  This level of love for others and our organization is one of the reasons we call our people “HeartBeats.” Without them, the heart of this organization would not beat and this vital community outreach would die away.

Thanks for everything!

Just a small sample of volunteers over the years!
Faith United Methodist Youth Group -- Click to Enlarge

Faith United Methodist Youth Group — Click to Enlarge

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